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In 1986 I left Crane Cam’s and started MJ Performance Center Inc. It was built on the philosophy that I should try to treat every job as if it were my own piece of machinery. I strive to make every thing that I do perfect that way on a bad day the worst job you will receive is a good one.

I have been involved in motor sports all my life and I have a wealth of experience in valve train dynamics and machine shop service, where I specialize in cylinder head development.

I provide a wide variety of machine shop services and as I build this site I will be adding more pictures and description of the work that is done on a regular basis whether it be power sports, Porsche, Ford, Mercedes Benz, forced induction, or marine high performance work. 

Motorcycles & More

Pneumatic Spring Compressor

 specialty tools are common in motorsports here are some tools that make removing and replacing hard parts easy




V8 Takeing off

True driving pleasure only comes when you can count on the reliability and performance of your machine  with complete confidence. At our garage, your vehicle will be modified and serviced only by qualified mechanics. Put your equipment in the hands of our experienced technicians

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