Drag race only heads 2.050 titanium intake valves, 1.600 stainless steel exhaust valves. Bronze valve guides. Dual springs with titanium retainers. Will run up to 600 inch lift with .200 TDC valve to valve. Machined for compression releases

Rev Tech Single Cam Delcron Engine Parting Out

rev tec heads ported and polished dual pluged compression releases 2.000 diameter intake 1.600 exhaust valves tietainum valve spring retainers dual springs 400 lb @ .600 lift, Ax tell cast iron cylinders 3 13/16 bore 30 degree domes 4 5/8 stoker S@S crankshaft should make 103 cu in motor delcron engine cases crane cam 252/600

Jim's big axle roller lifters will part out call on what you are looking for